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Hi, I’m Daniella

I’m the Founder of Women of Faith Entrepreneurs Network.  Seeing women compromise their faith to get ahead in business, only to ultimately fail from these shortcuts, drove me to action.  I created this network in 2019 as a safe place for women of every faith to connect, collaborate and build each other up.

Thanks to my team, this network has taken off like crazy.  Our global network empowers women through coaching, training, and networking to reach their full business potential.  Great things are happening here, you guys. I’m so happy to have you be a part of it!

Where in the world?

I live in lively Chicago with my wonderful husband, John, and our spirited dog, Gracie.

A fun fact

A fun fact about me is that I bring my sweet dog, Gracie, with me to events.  She’s my sweet girl and brings happiness wherever she goes.


Hi, I’m Vivian

I’m the Head of Customer Experience and Membership Optimization for WOFEN.  I have the truly wonderful role of ensuring that everything we do here at WOFEN, is done with the intention of creating the best possible experiences for members.

‘Customer Experience’ is what I live and breathe.  Nothing makes me more proud than seeing happy, and supported women, achieve wondrous things with WOFEN’s help. I LOVE being part of a groundbreaking business makes a difference in women’s lives. My pledge to members is that I will always listen to your needs.

Where in the world?

I live in Alabama, where the good ‘ole hospitality reigns!

A fun fact

A fun fact about me is that I love cooking yummy food and entertaining with family and friends. So, things can get a little crazy around my house, but it’s a great way to always have lots of fun and laughter.

Hi, I’m Eboni

I’m the Chief Integrator for WOFEN.  I have the exciting role of taking our Leader’s vision and bringing it to fruition.

Through strategic planning, structure and timely execution, I help lead and support our amazing team in making ideas a reality. I’m so excited to see the new dimensions that the team and I will take WOFEN to next!

I LOVE being part of this life-changing network that builds up women and their businesses through their faith.

Where in the world?

I was born, raised, and currently reside in Chicago, also known as ‘The Windy City.’

A fun fact

A fun fact about me is that I love popcorn, and I eat my pancakes with Jif peanut butter.

Juel Jones 

Head of Training Learning & Development

Hi, I’m Juel Jones 

I have the amazing job of spearheading the training and development to the incomparable members of the Women of Faith Entrepreneurs Network. As a self-proclaimed life-long learner, it’s a passion of mine to do research and development that will create content to help further our members in their entrepreneurial journey.  

I work with a group of women entrepreneurs who share the drive, compassion, and fortitude to provide tools and resources to other women like us who no longer have to choose or create between their business and their faith. 

Where in the world?

In my wildest dreams, I reside in a beachfront paradise smart home with my precocious daughter. Currently, I’m on the West Side, the best side of Chicago where I was born and raised. 

A fun fact

I’m a heavy scrapbooker! My friends call me TMZ, I take pictures of everything! My google photos numbers are somewhere in the 50,000 +.

Hi, I’m Darra

I’m the Experience & Events Coordinator for WOFEN.  I am responsible for planning, managing, creating and designing all our events.

I am addicted to creating impactful experiences for our members. I use the power of event planning to connect WOFEN’s vision and mission to every event.

Where in the world?

I was born and raised on Chicago’s south side.

 A fun fact

A fun fact about me is that I enjoy dancing. Dancing has become a way for me to de-stress. Dancing is also a source of weight loss. I love to dance my pounds off. It has become my new normal.