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Are you a woman of faith in business?







Our Purpose

Women of Faith Entrepreneurs Network (WOFEN) exists to bring inclusivity and connection to women of ALL FAITHs through Freedom, Acceptance, Innovation, Trust and Help to build the woman and her business.

Our Principles

A woman of faith strongly believes that her faith is the substance of who she is and how she conducts her business, that is why we build our business around our faith not our faith around our business.

Our Plan

We provide an environment that is conducive for learning and growth by way of Cohort Shared-Intelligence


• Training

• Mentoring

• Group Coaching

• Assessment & Feedback

• Program Implementation

• Objective Oversight



Do you...

Want to create the best business you can that makes you excited to get out of bed in the morning?




Want to be a part of something bigger?




Want to connect with like-minded women who are nourishing their souls daily?





Feel overwhelmed by the day to day running of your business and don’t know how to fix it?





Forget the last time you took a moment for yourself to stop and be grateful for the beauty of life?




Believe in something more out there, a higher purpose?





If you answered yes to any of those, you’re in the right place!






Did You Know?

There are 114% more women entrepreneurs today than there were 20 years ago. For every 10 male entrepreneurs, there are 7 female entrepreneurs.

Even though we’re rising up to close the gender gap in business, our businesses are more likely to fail than one started by a man. That’s the truth. We're here to close that gap and help you build a sustainable business that empowers you and your faith.



What Does WOFEN Offer?

Weekly Facebook lives with your spiritual strategist and leadership success coach, Daniella Coffey.
An exclusive Facebook page filled with successful, empowering women from all over the world.
Membership to our network will give you access to network with those powerful spiritual boss ladies in a private Facebook group.  Not to mention, faith chats, online success training, and accountability partners!
Subscribe to our email list and find golden truth nuggets about faith and business in your inbox twice a month.






Here at WOFEN, we value faith,
love and respect above all else.

Our mission is to bring inclusivity and connection to women of every faith through freedom, acceptance, innovation, trust and help to build your business without compromising yourself. With our pillars of service, community, and entrepreneurship you will find networking opportunities you only dreamed of.

Join Today

Joining this global network will unlock exclusive content and opportunities for you to take your business to the next level. We offer two different package options, so you can find the best fit for your needs.

WOFEN Course- A La Carte



  • Choose a Course from the WOFEN Library 
  • A downloadable Resource to go along with the course
  • Subscribe to our list to be notified of upcoming courses 
  • Access to WOFEN Business Page for Global Leaders 
  • Lifetime Access to the course



Global Leader



  • 2x  per month success training  and development
  • Facebook Community
  • Global Access to WOFEN Women in Business Network
  • Open & safe faith chats
  • Quarterly Service Opportunities
  • Quarterly Mastermind Program



Annual Global Leader



  • Access to all Courses & Bonus Trainings at no additional cost 
  • Private FB Group with Access WOFEN Business Network 
  • Quarterly Mastermind Access to Executive Team with downloadable resources